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What is an ERP and why should I care?

If you are running a small business that has a few employees, you understand that it’s hard to manage the dynamic nature of doing businesses. Small businesses are not so different from large ones. They contain most of the complexities of a large business along with many other constraints. Small businesses have to communicate with customers, do accounts, pay taxes, do payroll, manage timelines, deliver quality goods and services, answer questions, and keep everyone happy, just like in large businesses.

Large businesses have the advantage of using advanced data systems to manage their process efficiently. Small businesses, on the other hand, typically struggle to keep things organized. They often use a mix of apps like spreadsheets, accounting software, web CRM etc to manage. The problem is, not everyone is on the same page. An ERP changes that.

New Deployments, Upgrades, Migrations, On-Premise, Cloud Hosted, Hybrid, Development.

We focus and provide services for the following ERP vendors: Netsuite, Odoo, Adepmiere/idempeiere, ERPnext, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, webERP, Epicor, Accumatica, Dolibarr and more.
Accounting Software: Quickbooks, Xero, Wave, Sage.