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Today’s consumers and employees are increasingly mobile, constantly connected and reliant on WiFi to keep them going. Today, regardless of industry, WiFi has become mission critical in maintaining operations, enhancing employee productivity and increasing customer loyalty. QuattroOne WiFi is a leading provider of managed wireless infrastructure solutions across the hospitality, retail, restaurant, grocery, enterprise, government, healthcare and education industries. QuattroOne WiFi combines enterprise mobility management with wireless expertise to deliver secure, user-friendly and innovative wireless solutions.

Seamless Network Management

High Network Availability

Our 24x7x365 technical support team is available around the clock to support you and your end users. Each location has a dedicated support number and provides the opportunity to track calls through a support ticketing system within the management console.

Best In Class Security

QuattroOne WiFi leverages best-of-breed enterprise security features, including user authentication, encryption, rogue device reporting and suppression, secure VPN access, browsing management, content filtering and 24/7 network monitoring to eliminate the risk of data loss, malicious attacks and non-customers accessing the network.

Content Filtering

QuattroOne WiFi solutions are designed to provide customers and employees with high-end, customizable content filtering services that meet a variety of use case requirements. We can provide DNS-based content filtering or a more tailored appliance-based filtering. For appliance-based filtering, we utilize specialized firewall appliances which break blocked websites into multiple categories to provide an ideal combination of control and flexibility. This architecture gives you ultimate control by allowing the creation of either local or global policies and the ability to apply specific rules for individuals or groups.

User Authentication

We can custom tailor your WiFi solution to authenticate users against many sources, whether it be a web service, database, Facebook, LDAP, One time vouchers, or another source, we can make it happen

Customizable User Engagement

Social Media Integration

Simplify sign-up or authentication, increase service adoption and collect more accurate data from the end user through social media integration. A standard integration at login can capture data such as name, gender, locale, age range, recent statuses, photo and current job position. Additionally, QuattroOne WiFi can enable users to ‘like’ or ‘share’ their experience upon login, increasing brand awareness.

Actionable Analytics

Capture detailed analytics regarding user presence and engagement. Through our extensive API framework, integrate location data with existing CRM, loyalty programs and custom applications. Optimize marketing and business operations with analytics that include capture rate, dwell time and new or repeat visitors, and view dynamic heat maps that show a visual replay of foot traffic throughout a store.

Smart Hardware Architecture

QuattroOne WiFi has an advanced architecture to ensure minimum disruption to users in the event access points cannot communicate with the QuattroOne WiFi Cloud due to a temporary WAN failure or other outage.

In the event an access point is unable to communicate with QuattroOne WiFi Cloud:

  • Users can access the Internet, provided a WAN connection is available
  • Users can access local network resources (directories, printers, etc.)
  • Users can continue to authenticate via splash pages (unlike other cloud systems, QuattroOne hosts the splash pages on the access points).
  • Network policies (walled garden, blocked devices, etc.) remain in effect
  • Users can authenticate via 802.1X/RADIUS
  • Users can roam between access points
  • Users can initiate and renew DHCP leases
  • Established VPN tunnels continue to operate
  • Industry Solutions


    The automotive industry is competitive. Your wireless solution should give you an edge.

    In service lounges across the country, automotive dealers, retailers and repair shops are offering free hotspots that enable customers to remain productive during their visits. Keeping customers seamlessly connected to the Internet also helps to reduce loaner car demand by providing an incentive for customers to wait for their vehicles in-store. Provide your drivers with access while they wait with QuattroOne WiFi

    Learning opportunities are every where. Your wireless solution should make the grade.

    As mobile learning continues to define the next-generation of education, K12 schools and universities are looking to integrate WiFi into classrooms and across campuses to strengthen student learning and enhance the educational experience. Enable your students to digest content, media and websites like never before with QuattroOne WiFi.

    The business world is tough. Your wireless solution should be easy.

    Today’s largest corporations depend on their wireless networks to share information, increase employee productivity and power applications critical to their business. Additionally, the need to secure these networks is necessary to prevent data loss and protect against cyber security attacks. Enable your employees to work seamlessly and securely with QuattroOne WiFi.

    Government policies can be challenging. Your wireless solution shouldn’t be.

    Today’s government agencies face challenges to effectively and efficiently serve and support large amounts of people and organizations on a limited budget. Secure WiFi not only enables agencies to stay connected and productive anywhere in the world but also provides a better citizen experience at government offices. Advance agency missions with QuattroOne Wifi.

    Healthcare is leading edge. Your wireless solution should be as well.

    Wireless technology is transforming today’s hospitals. From giving physicians and clinicians instant, secure access to critical patient information to providing patient entertainment via tablet devices, WiFi gives healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors the tools they need to stay connected and productive. Keep your doctors connected and patients happy with QuattroOne Wifi.
    Hotels and resorts rely on hospitality-ready WiFi platforms to differentiate themselves from the competition and satisfy guests’ needs. Wandering WiFi offers a variety of free, pay or hybrid Internet access models for your hotel or resort’s guest rooms, suites, conference rooms, business centers, lobby, ballroom, bar or lounge. Manage bandwidth, seamlessly monitor the network, created a branded user experience, and receive 24/7/365 support. Differentiate your stay from the others with QuattroOne Wifi.

    The retail world is dynamic. Your wireless solution should be as well.

    Retailers rely on wireless innovation to enhance customer service, differentiate their stores, streamline operations and increase revenue. From receiving, point-of-sale, digital signage and customer kiosks, stores rely on WiFi to drive sales and build brand loyalty.Increase the productivity of your staff while elevating the customer experience with QuattroOne Wifi.
    Restaurants and Cafés

    Diners are hungry for reliable Internet access. Give it to them.

    Restaurateurs are utilizing free Internet access to generate traffic, increase off-peak and repeat customer business, differentiate from the competition and drive advertising opportunities. Keep your networks secure and family friendly with content filtering.Ensure your diners stay connected while driving additional revenue with QuattroOne Wifi.

    Airports, Bus Terminals, Train stations are all dynamic. Your wireless solution should be as well.

    The biggest travel concern of today’s business traveler is the loss of personal productivity. A wireless network is one strategic tool that airports use to improve the traveler experience. Not only does WiFi increase the productivity of passengers, but it also increases the efficiency of staff, vendors and operating partners.Keep your passengers and employees productive with QuattroOne Wifi.
    Travel Centers

    Travel can be exhausting. Your wireless solution should be a reprieve from the road.

    Truckers want to reliably connect to their families and employers. Travel centers across America offer Wandering Wifi as an additional amenity, relieving the pressure of connecting to the Internet while on the road.Enable truck drivers to securely and easily connect to the Internet with QuattroOne Wifi.
    IoT / M2M
    Other Industries
    No matter the industry, we can engineer a solution to fit your wireless needs.