Streamline Your Operations with Cloud-Based Unified Communications

Business Phone Systems

Today every organization, regardless of size or industry, has sophisticated communications tools at its core. These tools can often be expensive and complicated, requiring an upfront investment of capital and regular support staff. What if there was a way of achieving this same level of integration and collaboration that was simpler, more flexible and more?

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) can help make this a reality. UCaaS promises seamless integrations with business processes at a lower price-point than traditional premises-based solutions

Providing the best customer experience is an important part of building customer loyalty. CCaaS (Contact-Center-as-a-Service) is a cloud-based customer experience solution that offers best-in-class, multi-channel customer engagement. QuattroOne partners with the world’s leading providers to provide strategic CCaaS solutions for your business.

As your trusted IT and telecom advocate, QuattroOne can help your business source and implement a custom-tailored UCaaS strategy. Our primary goal is to ensure that you, our customer, receive the best possible solution that maps and scales to your business objectives.

Advantages of UCaaS

  • Increased productivity and efficiency with real-time collaboration
  • Consistent user experience for mobile and remote users
  • Seamless integration of real-time and non-real-time applications
  • Reduced costs – no need for dedicated staff and support systems
  • OPEX with consolidated billing and lower rates
  • Flexible and scalable – only pay for what you need
  • Integrated customer contact across multiple communication channels
  • Built-in redundancies for business continuity and disaster recovery

Why choose UCaaS?

  • Efficient collaboration
  • Enhanced mobile and remote user experience
  • Flexible and scalable to meet your needs
  • Immediate cost savings and optimized billing
  • Fast implementation and easy upgrades
  • IT staff can prioritize other business needs
  • Improved customer contact experience
  • Faster third-party integrations
  • Business continuity and security
  • Faster problem solving with expert tech support
  • be invested in your long term success, not a quick sale

Why work with us?

As Your Solutions Partner, QuattroOne

  • Is independent & can deliver multiple options
  • Will learn your business structure and goals
  • Will understand your IT infrastructure
  • Will determine the optimal UCaaS solution
  • Will research to source the optimal supplier
  • Will implement and support the selected solution
  • Stays on to handle all customer service and escalations
  • Becomes an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

PHONE SYSTEM Services Review

Which unified communications are right for your business? Which carriers are best for your location, your business structure, and your IT infrastructure? To help you find out, we offer a complimentary Carrier Services Review to baseline your current voice and data costs, and to design and provide an overview of the cost savings or the efficiency gains available to your company.

Business communications and carrier services are no longer just a ‘required’ cost of doing business. In today’s landscape, optimal communications services are a competitive advantage.

From the one-(wo)man army to the multi-national distributed enterprise, QuattroOne has the business phone system solution for your organization.  Typically our clients save money while gaining more features and higher quality service.  We support and deploy on-premise phone systems. Hybrid deployments are also available. SIP trunking, PRIs, dedicated and failover data circuits are a few of the services we offer that compliment the phone systems. Not sure what any of this means? No worries! Our experts are ready to help.  

Have a quote? Have us take a look, many ISPs are slinging their own product, typically it’s more expensive and lacks the functionality of what we would suggest for most companies. ISP sales reps have quotas and get large bonuses. They work with one supplier only and don’t give your business that options that might be better suited. We are partnered with and carefully vetted over 50 hosted, hybrid, and on-premise voice providers.

All this hosted voice talk…. Who does QuattroOne use in their offices? We use Jive for our voice product. They provide GoToMeeting accounts, competitive pricing, and wonderful 24/7 US based support. We felt they were the best fit for us. 
Our lab has demos set up from many providers including net2phone, Digium, Broadsoft, Jive, RingCentral, 8x8, Nextiva, and more with phones from Cisco, Polycom and Yealink, and this list is always growing.  We carefully evaluate every provider against our specific customers’ needs before selling their services.


Not every relationship is built to last. If you’re thinking about a change, contact us and let QuattroOne build the perfect communications solution for your business.